Prime Meridian

John A. Walsh

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“Think about Time - It’s all we’ve got.”

The Prime Meridian is a global marker denoting zero degrees longitude (0°); and, since 1884, marks the “zero hour” for keeping standard time around the world. The line also divides the Eastern & Western Hemispheres, establishing the point from which distance into either of these hemispheres is measured. The World’s Prime Meridian passes through Greenwich, England, UK (among other places along this vertical line in Europe, Africa and Antarctica). Hence the term Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

However, a Prime Meridian’s placement can be completely arbitrary – that is, it could be established anywhere on the globe. Thinking about our individual lifetimes, we all have a Prime Meridian of sorts. Our own, personal Ground Zero; our own starting point. Seems to me, in this context, a person’s Prime Meridian is not so much about measuring distance; but, more so about the expanse of Time that emanates from it. As our lifetimes lengthen, a person’s Prime Meridian slips further into the past; further back in one’s memory; and sometimes all but forgotten.

Life unfurls over a finite period of Time; a period with an unknown endpoint. Sure, we can get in the ballpark estimating an endpoint by considering statistics on life expectancy; but, we just don’t know for certain. As Cat Stevens wrote, “But, I might die tonight.” Author Jack Kornfield eloquently parsed a Buddhist teaching: “The trouble is, you think you have time.” There is no parity in how much time each of us is given; our endpoints are seemingly as arbitrarily placed as our starting points. It’s often said, “Life’s not fair.” This is absolute truth.

Fact is, Time is all we have, and we should not waste it on unworthy activity. Everyone has their own definition of worth. And, personally, I think the key is to spend Your Time on those things that YOU find worthy, on those things that enable your pursuit of personal fulfillment. This, in my experience, is often easier said than done. But, that’s no reason to give up on seeking worthy endeavors to invest my time in.

These are the lines of thought that inspired the composition of this song, Prime Meridian. I kindly ask you now to spend a few minutes of your dear time listening, and hope you find it to be time well spent.

As always, I wish you peace.

Note: The artwork is a photo of the house where I started life in 1963. Pioneer Drive, North Tonawanda, New York. My Prime Meridian.

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