The Fields of Gettysburg 

A gorgeous Americana song cycle by singer/songwriter John A. Walsh   

The FOG commemorates the Sesquicentennial of The Battle of Gettysburg, with a story of five Americans whose lives intertwine in a tragic tale of intense duty and personal sacrifice, conflicted allegiance, young love dashed, and innocence lost. 

Union General John Buford and Confederate General James Longstreet both understood the monumental stakes and the terrible costs to be exacted in those days.  Their decisions and actions at Gettysburg would significantly impact the outcome of the battle and the lives of those involved. 

Three young folks from Gettysburg also became entangled in a curious scenario.   

Wesley Culp, Jack Skelly, Jennie Wade were all childhood friends.  Jack, a Union soldier, and Jennie became betrothed; while Wesley had migrated to Virginia only to find himself returning to Gettysburg as a Confederate soldier, literally fighting against his own hometown.  After July 1st, 1863, they would never see each other again. 

This engaging American story is brought to life in 

The Fields of Gettysburg 

John and West Virginia singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Todd Burge, The FOG co-producer, gathered an impressive array of Appalachian musicians & vocalists and have now brought “The FOG” to life in the recording studio. 

The FOG cast of players includes: Grammy winning Americana artist Tim O'Brien &Mountain Stage Founder & Host Larry Groce 

Released on March 31, 2013, The FOG neatly coincided with the 150th anniversary of the epic American drama that played out in and around a small Pennsylvania town called Gettysburg.


The Fields of Gettysburg has been featured at these fine organizations.

A Full House for The FOG at The Peoples Bank Theater, Marietta, Ohio. February 2016.