From the recording World On FIre

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Dennis Farrar: Nylon String Guitar
John A. Walsh: Lead Vocal, Slide Guitar
Terry McGee: Percussion, Bass, Background Vocals


Without you, I am most alone
Yet somehow, I have wandered far from home.

I can’t undo what I have done
Just like I can’t stop the setting sun.

I’m convicted, but can I be atoned,
For reaping all the toxic seeds that I have sown?
I should have sought to walk along the higher road
When I had the chance to take it…
But now that chance is gone.

Is there any good inside of me?
If I reach out, will you take my hand
And find a way to set my angel free?

Has my destiny already been foretold?
Is it pointless to try and breakout from the mold?
I’m knocking on your door, waiting for your answer…
Do you know?

You see, I’m dangerously close to the bone.
Dangerously close to the bone.