1. Same Hill

From the recordings Same Hill and The Fields of Gettysburg

Same Hill is actually a very old song of mine (originally written over 30 years ago) that I retooled and resurrected for The FOG. Once you hear the lyric in context with the story, you'll see how perfectly it fits to the Wesley Culp character and his familial relationship with Culp's Hill.  It amazed me when it dawned on me that I already had the perfect song for this scene in the song cycle - the song was written many years before I knew any of the Gettysburg detail.  Providence, I suppose.
Justin has the perfect voice for the character of Wesley Culp - young, earnest, earthy and full of soul.  I was excited to hear someone else interpret "Same Hill" other than me for the past 30 years.  Justin just nails it - contemplative, forlorn...just as I imagine Wesley Culp was feeling as he looked across the wooded field, from east of Rock Creek, to the west at the old hill he used to climb as a boy in Gettysburg.