From the recordings Beauty Everlast and The Fields of Gettysburg

The character of Jack Skelly was the last vocalist we selected for the record.  Todd, Jessica, and I were combing through our contacts to find the right voice for young Jack.  Ron Sowell, Mountain Stage band leader and friend of Todd's, presented a few young singers to us.  One of those was Colton Pack.  Upon listening to some of his recordings and YouTube videos, we knew we had our Jack.
Colton came up from his home in Danese, West Virginia, on a very cold and snowy December 29, 2012, to Marietta to record his two songs on The FOG.  After a three hour drive through the mountains, snow and ice; Colton bounded into the studio and was ready to hit the ground running.  Ah, the vibrancy of youth!  We started with "Beauty Everlast" - Colton did a run through prior to laying down the final track.  I looked at Todd after Colton finished his dry run and uttered in understatement, "this ought to do..."  In actuality, our collective jaws were dropped in awe of the incredible gift this young man has in his possession.