1. Bread Alone

From the recordings Bread Alone and The Fields of Gettysburg

Jessica came over to Dave's River Rat Studio (Marietta, Ohio) to record her demo/scratch track for "Bread Alone" one weekday evening in September, 2012.  It was just Jessica with me on guitar.  We pulled off the demo in one take and, honestly, her rendition on that first cut was good enough to put directly to the album.
The band tracks were recorded at Josh's 3 Elliott Studio in Athens, Ohio, on November 5-6, 2012. Then, in December, Jessica returned to Dave's studio.  Keyboardist Bill White was there, along with Dave and me. Jess did a warm-up run through with the full band tracks and then went for it.  I'm here to tell you, she took it to a new level, finding the deep emotion of the song -- I was literally moved to tears as she sang through the bridge and final verse of the song.
This clip will take you through the second verse...believe me, you're going to want to hear the rest! - JW