From the recordings A Daydream Away and The Fields of Gettysburg

DJ Archer sings the lead vocal (as character Jennie Wade) on "A Daydream Away."  DJ (Darlene Jane) was raised in Vienna, West Virginia, where I have lived for the past 16+ years.  Our families attend the same church, so I have watched her grow up. She's always been a singer; and, even in her childhood, DJ has been blessed with beautiful tonal quality.  I naturally thought of her when setting out to demo for Jennie Wade.  Turns out she was the obvious choice for the part.
This was DJ's first real recording studio experience, but she took to it pretty naturally.  She showed up practiced and prepared to go for it.  The final take was recorded on the same day that Jessica laid down her track; Jess was at the studio for DJ's performance.  Wonderfully, Jess - a professional vocal coach & instructor - gave DJ the support and fine tuning points she needed to make this track something special.  Beautiful teamwork here yielded the beautiful and wistful track you'll hear from DJ on "A Daydream Away."