1. Riding On

From the recordings Riding On and The Fields of Gettysburg

General John Buford was a relentless individual who was known for being no-nonsense. He'd finish one mission and move on to the next.  He spent years of his life in the saddle on the back of a horse. When Buford and his men departed from Gettysburg, he went back into traveling mode. "Riding On" was written to capture the nature of Buford's spirit and tell the listener a little bit about the man himself.
Michael, Ted and Ammed interpreted this song's rhythm perfectly. It was a pleasure to play acoustic guitar and mandolin on this track with these guys. Listen to what they're laying down and you can visualize the Cavalrymen on horseback pushing forward to whatever the future held for them.
Todd Burge recorded the lead vocal at Dave's studio on December 29, 2012. Todd's voice is simply just right for John Buford. Todd's deliberate delivery of the lyric coupled with his rich and vibrato-laden baritone voice will help the listener understand the deep concern Buford felt for his disintegrating country and his self-imposed duty & incredible will to bring it back together again.