1. The Chain

From the recordings The Chain and The Fields of Gettysburg

Nine days after The Battle of Gettysburg subsided, Jack Skelly passes on while confined as a prisoner of war in a Confederate field hospital. Far from home and completely out of touch with the outside world, Skelly is utterly alone.
Having no idea of the fate of his friend and fiancee, Jack is saddened, but resigned to never seeing Jennie again. He does find comfort and great hope in the thought of waiting for Jennie in the afterlife until her time has come to meet him there in eternity.
"The Chain" is the last song of The Fields of Gettysburg.  The chain signifies the "ties that bind" - our bondage to this earthly life.  Jack Skelly realizes that his chains have been loosed and his freedom from this earthly bondage is upon him.
Colton Pack wonderfully interprets the song.  There is a sweeping finish on this track, complete with gospel choir.  You're going to definitely want to hear it - just beautifully done by the vocalists of The FOG.