1. Lullaby Rain

From the recording Compendium

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The lullaby of a steady rain
Has kept the slumber in your room;
And, for a moment, before I start my day,
I sit down and I just look at you.

You are beautiful and I can’t explain
The emotion washing over me;
But since you came, I have grown more complete
And I thank God for giving you to me.

In just a moment you have changed my life again
Without a notion that I was even near;
And so it will be, wherever circumstance will lead,
You’ll find my love surrounds your there.

There’s no reason for you to wake;
There’s nothing that you need to do.
Just sleep on now because, come what may,
I’ll go out and face this world for you.

Daddy’s here…
Go on and close your eyes
And lilt on through those dreams you keep.
I’ve never known a greater kind of love
No ocean quite so wide or deep.

I know this morning and this lullaby rain
May never cross your mind at all…
But your contentment in the stillness of your dream
Is warming up my hand with your breathing’s rise and fall

Now, I know that this time, for me, must pass
And for you, it will be fleeting too.
But for now, while I have it in my grasp,
I will aim to love you through and through.

Yes, daddy loves you through and through.

(c)2006 John A. Walsh / JAWSongs (ASCAP)