From the recording World On FIre

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Terry McGee: Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums
Dennis Farrar: Electric Guitar
John A. Walsh: Nylon String Guitar, Background Vocals


Another year’s gone by and it’s time to celebrate
All the love were still feeling for each other
And in the evening when you sit there looking gorgeous
I remember why this feeling still brings me to my knees
After all this time of being by my side
You still look at me like I’m the best man in the world

Don’t save it all
Darling don’t save it all

I’ve been saving all my loving for you darlin
And I know that you’ve been doing the same
And when we get away together all alone
They’ll be time enough to share…share those things together
But tonight I might not have the strength
To wait another moment to draw you close to me

Don’t save it all
Let’s come together now
I just can’t stay away from you tonight
I need to feel you touch me
Like nobody else ever could
Happy Anniversary baby
You know I love you